Faculty which Makes Science of Art

In Fine Arts Education the aim is not only to educate artists, but to lead the person to creativity by enabling the art to live. Art does not include an understanding which only emphasizes the senses and emotions and this is the main point in the development of creativity. Contrary to what is being thought, expressing of himself or herself individually through art work, conceptualizing his or her art, using criticism and evaluation, listening to the consciousness that art is also a part of a mental process. Consequently, the understanding of Fine Arts Education extends to both art education and education through art. This understanding of education enables the individual to use his/ her creative potential in all areas of his/ her life and to develop a full personality and to realize the aesthetic education.

Ankara University Faculty of Fine Arts was established in 04.12.1996 with the legislation of 2809\30 by the Council of Ministers. The Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration and Museology Department were established in 01.07.2015. Department of Basic Education was  founded in 13.04.2016 within the body of the Faculty. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Çakır İlhan was assigned af teh dean of the Faculy in 24.12.2015 and Prof. Dr. Ömer Adıgüzel handed of the task as dean of the Faculty in 2017.

Conservation – Restoration education in Ankara University started in Başkent Vocational School of Higher Education which was founded in 1989 and which started admitting students in 1990-1991 academic years. It became the first education institute which displayed academic activity in this field in Turkey. The vocational school, which provides associate level education, has produced 230 graduates in 25 years until the year 2016. As associate’s degree education becomes inadequate in the fields of Conservation – Restoration, transforming the program into undergraduate program came into attention. As a result of studies conducted for this purpose, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Department was founded in 2015 within the Faculty of Fine Arts. In the department where student admissions started in 2016-2017 academic year. We are already experiencing the excitement of having our first graduates in 2019-2020 academic year.

Arts are close to each other and not far from science. One of the most important features that distinguishes Ankara University Faculty of Fine Arts from other art faculties is that a faculty that will teach the art and also make the science of art. The Faculty of Fine Arts set out to write its own story and laid the foundation of the days when it would turn into a deep-rooted art institution. Faculty of Fine Arts who care about formatting and teaching art and culture started its works to disseminate that understanding and to give a direction of Ankara University’s cultural and artistic policies and support modernization in Turkey. Faculty of Fine Arts as a wisdom free institution, establishes the art and science and aim to make a difference to educate artists and art scholars see it as a responsibility to the Republic of Turkey. Therefore, the Faculty of Fine Arts will be one of the important addresses to improve the idea of Ankara University is the university which promotes art as well as science, health and technique.

Hope to write the beautiful stories of art…


Prof. Dr. Ömer Adıgüzel