Ankara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Basic Art Education was established in 2016 under the name of Department of Basic Education, which was replaced by its current name in 2018. Our department supports the education and training processes of other departments within our Faculty. Also, the department is responsible for conducting General Social Elective (Fine Arts) courses outside the university (departments) programs. Besides these, research studies are carried out in our department in the field of arts, arts education and arts sciences.

Elective courses in the curriculum enable students to discover their interests and skills besides their fields. These courses are world knowledge lessons that help students to form a consistent relationship among different disciplines by supporting them to shape their mindset. In this direction, General Social Elective (Fine Arts) Courses, which are opened by the Department of Basic Art Education, are Fine Arts classes that aim to raise the skills of each student of Ankara University. Our department aims to support every student with cultural and artistic sensitivity as well as aiming to increase their competence by supporting their personal development.