He graduated from Ege University Education Faculty Classroom Teaching Program in 2008. He completed his graduate education in the creative drama master’s program at Ankara University Institute of Educational Sciences in 2011 and from the fine arts education doctorate program in 2017. His fields of study include the relationship between social justice and drama in education, creating cultural contact areas through drama in education, history of drama in education (pioneers, approaches, traditions, etc.) and methodology in drama research in education. He has directed drama classes at undergraduate and postgraduate level he. He has taken part in many national and international drama congresses, seminars and festivals as a participant or trainer. He served on the boards of the Contemporary Drama Association and IDEA (International Drama Theater and Education Association), which are active in the field of drama in education, and worked as a workshop instructor at the European Drama Meetings (EDERED) held in Switzerland in 2015. Between January and March 2020, he conducted research and studies in Hannover, Germany, in order to conduct drama and theater studies focused on cultural contact with immigrants, at the invitation of the German Play and Theater Association (BAG Spiel und Theater) and Hannover University. He still works as a faculty member at Ankara University, Faculty of Fine Arts.